Stunning white Angolan colobus monkey born at Zoo Atlanta

An Angolan colobus monkey was born at Zoo Atlanta on July 15. The snow-white baby will grow the typical long black and white hair at three months old. Angolan colobus monkeys are threatened by hunting and habitat loss in central and east Africa. 1 day ago

Tiny moon Phobos photobombs Mars

Appearing tiny and almost looking like a distant star, the moon Phobos has turned up unexpectedly in an image of Mars taken by Nasas Hubble Telescope. 1 day ago

Nasa has created flyby videos of Pluto and Charon, its largest moon

Two years after its New Horizons spacecraft sent the first images of Pluto, NASA has created two flyby videos by compiling data received from the mission. The videos were released July 7 to celebrate the second anniversary of the  spacecraft flying within 7.800 miles of Pluto. It released two videos, one of Pluto itself and a second of Plutos largest moon, Charon. 5 days ago