Zouk Singapore asked Egyptian DJ to stop set for son of Malaysia PM

DJ Fila expressed his anger over the incident on Facebook.

A prominent nightclub in Singapore is under fire for asking a DJ to end his session earlier than the scheduled time, so that the son of Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak could perform. Fadi Wassef Naguib of Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila, was asked to step aside for Razak's son, Norashman Najib.

In a video posted on YouTube, Fadi, also well known as DJ Fila, can be heard saying: "It seems that Zouk here wants someone else to play. Not only because of that, but because he's the son of a prime minister."

"I will see you somewhere in the future, not in Zouk anymore, because I won't play in Zouk any f***ing more. They insulted me, but I love you guys," he added.

DJ Fila also expressed his anger against Zouk Singapore on social media. He wrote on Facebook: "I did what I did to defend my right as a human being not as a famous DJ or whatever. I was insulted and I reacted. I didn't expect that it would go viral like that, but this is what I call Karma. I just wanted to let our fans who payed money to see me know the reason why I stopped my set and I didn't play the 3 hours like every time I have been there."

However, Zouk Singapore claims it was a "misunderstanding" and shed some light on the incident. The post read: "Zouk has constantly held our invited artists in esteem and respect their works. We understand that this incident has resulted in some discontent and disappointment but would like to give the assurance that Zouk will continue to value the importance and presence of all artists and our customers, and their interests."