Zombie 'Angelina Jolie' lookalike in Iran contracts coronavirus in prison

A woman from Iran who underwent several surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie is said to be on ventilator after contracting coronavirus while in prison. She was arrested for her activity on Instagram.

Sahar Tabar, 22, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, became famous after she underwent several surgeries and posted pictures of her gaunt face on Instagram and other social media websites. The woman is said to be severely ill after she was refused bail during the coronavirus outbreak.

The claims about her health condition were made by a human rights group in Iran. She is fighting for her life in a hospital in Tehran. Previously, authorities had released several prisoners to combat the spread of the coronavirus in closed facilities.

Tasnim news agency said Tabar was arrested on charges such as blasphemy, inciting violence, "gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption."

Sahar Tabar
Sahar Tabar Instagram/@sahar_tabar_officiall

Mostly make-up and editing

According to reports, Judge Mohammad Moghiseh repeatedly refrained from giving her bail during the coronavirus outbreak. She shot to fame in 2017 when she underwent around 50 surgeries to look like the Oscar-winning actress Jolie. Tabar has confirmed that she achieved her look mostly with make-up and editing after the surgeries.

The authorities had claimed that Tabar was all right and said she had not contracted the coronavirus. According to the Daily Mail, human rights lawyer Payam Derafshan said Sahar Tabar's detention was extended. He asked the authorities to acknowledge the woman's deteriorating health. There has also been a call for the authorities to release those detained for non-violent crimes. Several countries have released prisoners on the same grounds.

There have been continuous discussions about the country's actual number of coronavirus deaths.

In July last year, Tabar had published a picture of herself before and after the surgeries. She said that she had had a nose job, lip fillers and liposuction but the rest of the enhancements were through editing and make-up. Cosmetic surgeries are widely popular in the country with tens of thousands of people undergoing surgery every year.

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