Zoe Tay opens about her eye illness

Zoe Tay went through Lasik in her initial acting years.

Former model and Singaporean actress Zoe Tay is one such beauty who always try to keep it simple yet elegant when it comes to attending events. The 48-year-old looked truly mesmerizing in a royal blue thigh high slit dress and a harmonizing classic trench coat, at a promotional event of an eye care brand.

During the press conference, the actress took the opportunity to talk about her own eye care experiences and how she coped with presbyopia. Tay revealed that it was difficult for her to initially accept the blurring eye vision.

The actress went on denial mode after learning about the ailment. Adding on, not making use of external visionary aid, made the things more complicated for her.

"When we dined out at restaurants, the lighting was dim and I couldn't read the menus clearly. But was too embarrassed to ask the people seated next to me (to read the menus to me), so in the end I called the waiter over to list out the daily specials!" she said.

"Presbyopia is a problem everyone will encounter sooner or later, so no one has to feel uncomfortable discussing it," Tay added explaining her own state to Toggle.

The Dream Makers actress, who is fondly regarded as Aj Jie , also disclosed about her Lasik operation, which the former model went through in her starting days of acting.

"Shao Guang noticed that when we read our lines, I wasn't looking at him in the eye. I was worried this would affect my career — eyes are vital to an actor — so I went for the operation," Tay stated giving credit to former actor Xie Shao Guang, who encouraged her for the corrective eye surgery.

Tay, who is blessed with three sons, now shoots one or two drama series every year. Her latest role in the blockbuster The Dream Makers 2 bagged her a nomination into Star Awards.