Zhang Ziyi celebrates 100th day of her daughter's birth in a grand affair

The couple welcomed their daughter Xing Xing in December.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and husband Wang Feng officially introduced their newborn girl to the world on the 100th day of her birth. The couple who welcomed their daughter Xing Xing in December, organised a grand banquet and prominent members of the Chinese entertainment industry were invited for the grand event.

The theme for the evening was Awaken with love, and attendees included actress Yao Chen, Ruby Lin, Huang Yi, director Feng Xiaogang, Lu Chuan, singer Li Jian, and Huayi Brothers.

In a personalised note sent by the actress as the invitation to the invitees, Ziyi expressed her fondness towards the newly born infant. The note from the 37-year-old actress read: "You're my proudest achievement, and everything that has happened before you were born was just the foundation. With your presence, my life has truly started."

Another note from Feng read: "Dad has experienced everything your mum has sacrificed for you; she's really a great and selfless woman. [I] hope for you to grow up happily and peacefully, your happiness is your mum's greatest reward. Dad and mum will accompany you through whatever the future holds. Remember, there is nothing more important than love."

During the ceremony, Feng mesmerised everyone with his heart warming speech for Ziyi. According to Toggle, the Chinese rock musician was quoted as saying: "I've been with her from when news of her pregnancy broke, to when she gave birth and up till now. I've seen what she has gone through. She has always shouldered on, and breastfed Xing Xing. Actually, Ziyi has had lots of choices [but] she still [chose to] go through all these. I feel that while we might have suffered a bit, when others say that I am brave, it really doesn't count for anything. The mother has indeed suffered [the most]."

Meanwhile, Ziyi got teary eyed while sharing her experience of motherhood. She said: "I always thought that my career is what I'm best at, now, I hope that I can re-evaluate my life. It's been a while since I've met everyone, I guess this is a chance to meet everyone again."