Zelensky Not Victim But Instigator? Ukraine President Took an Ego Trip and Refused Talks With Russia Days Before War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refused peace talks with Russia just days prior to the war, according to reports.

Zelensky's adamant refusal to accept German-brokered peace talks with Russia, which ultimately resulted in large-scale killings and massive destruction in Ukraine, has earned him brickbats from people across the globe.

As per the report published in the Wall Street Journal, it is evident that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had extended an offer for peace days before Russia launched the attack on Ukraine but the Ukrainian President did not pay any heed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian Invasion Could Have Been Averted

Shocking yet true, it has been reported that the Ukrainian President also went to the extent of saying that the majority of Ukrainians wanted to join NATO which also implies that they were ready for a war. Zelensky's claim about the wish of Ukrainians seems far-fetched.

Pointing their guns at Zelensky, social media followers are questioning him for his stand on the whole issue adding that this has turned out to be the worst ever "ego trip" taken by a country's president. It is being widely stated that the Ukrainian invasion could have been easily averted, had Zelensky agreed to a diplomatic solution.

Owing to the above revelation, Zelensky is also being called an instigator and not the victim.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion, "Replying to@21stCenturyWire Zelensky NATO puppet (USA CLIENT), everything in Ukraine is staged, BUCHA staged u have many videos where those "DEAD" ppl on the street literally stand up and wave with their hands....Good Job Ukraine and the West, while u stage and film those things Russia is winnin on the bf."

Another user wrote, "Replying to @A7medd86 and @piersmorgan Thank you.. this war is getting bloody and serious and it has been clear from day one that Nato ain't gonna do shit. If you love your people as he claim he does, then he needs to end this.. so many elderly dying and children. Zelensky knew this war was coming simple."

"Replying to @MinPres @ZelenskyyUa is sacrificing his people, he also has blood on his hands! Russia is the aggressor but there's also Ukrainian propaganda! Zelensky keeps pushing NATO to get involved, asking for a WW! forces Ukrainian men the fight, keeps asking for weapons while he should focus on diplomacy," expressed another user in his tweet.