Zeinab Mehdi Poor makes her name as the most promising influencer in Iran

Zeinab Mehdi

Accountants are well-versed with all the strategies and technicalities in the financial world. Iran's Zeinab Mehdi Poor is also one reputed name in the field of accounting who has made her mark in the business field. Born in Masjed Soleyman, Iran, Zeinab did her bachelor's in accounting from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences. Later, the entrepreneur did her graduate diploma in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University in 2014.

Right after her education, Zeinab started working for a private company to gain experience in accounting. Later, she registered her own company and started it in Masjed Soleyman. It looks into the financial accounting affairs of various companies across Iran. Besides this, Mehdi's company also provides detailed reports, financial interpretations, value-added services, and other financial services to the companies.

The entrepreneur said that her company overcame challenges right after it solved the auditing and accounting problems of all the big companies across the country. With a very holistic approach, Zeinab's company has solved the financial problems of her clients making her one of the most trustable accountants in Iran. Apart from being one of the top accountants, she is also a popular Instagram personality. The entrepreneur is going the influencer way and has a following of more than 300K on Instagram.

Currently residing in Turkey, she is married to Milad Hatamabadi, another popular Instagram personality. The couple is blessed with a baby girl named Tala. With a common interest in traveling, the couple has explored many beautiful locations of the world. The duo to keep their followers engaged share insight about their luxurious life on social media. Not just this, they are also running an online game website in Iran which deals with online poker, betting football prediction scores and much more.

To know more about the Zeinab Mehdi Poor, check out her Instagram page '@sahar'.