Zayn Malik reveals Taylor Swift's suitcase mystery

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Zayn Malik says singer-songwriter Taylor Swift does indeed travel inside a large suitcase at times to avoid being seen, but this has been a suspicion for over a year now with no real confirmation. In fact, stories were published last July and later retracted by an agency that published images of two men carrying a large suitcase over to a black SUV.

Malik has said been quoted as saying that Swift, does, in fact, sometimes hide inside suitcases. The image that was circulated last year had the general populace and her fans convinced that it was her in the box because the large box was being guarded by about a dozen of her security personnel.

There is not much more information in this case, except that she allegedly did. As for what kind of suitcase it was, to how big it is and whether or not it has any special features, padding, or way to breathe is as of now, unknown.

As to why exactly a person of Taylor Swift's stature, both physically—over 5'10 tall—and as an A-list celebrity would want to travel inside the tight, possibly uncomfortable confines of a large plastic container is also not clear. Only speculations exist.

Was she trying to go unnoticed by crowds of people as she stepped out to the street? Is it part of her creative process, perhaps to gain inspiration? Was she hiding a new look and did not want the paparazzi to get a peek? Is it a safety issue where her security thought the best way for her to go unnoticed was inside a box?

One would perhaps never understand it, assuming it is true, till the 28-year-old herself spills the beans on this rather strange habit.