Zach Collier - One Entrepreneur's Journey to the Heart of Life

Zach Collier

At just 30 years old, Zach Colliers feels incredibly accomplished in his professional life. He has taken multiple companies through massive growth periods, formed strategic teams in many different settings, and learned just about every aspect of his industry. But still, it was never the professional successes that showed him the meaning of life, it was the personal ones.

Zach is a father to 4 children who have all taught him different life lessons and shown him where happiness comes from. His kids mean the world to him and the hours he gets to spend with them in the evenings are the best parts of his days. Growing up in a challenging family environment, Zach didn't have the type of childhood that he strives to give his own children. Before ever having kids, he knew he wanted to ensure his kids felt empowered to pursue their passions and explore their interests, whatever they may be.

He's not entirely sure how he came across CECO, the Conductive Education Center of Orlando, but supporting the organization has now become one of his most proud accomplishments. CECO is a school for individuals with neurological and motor disabilities; it helps its students develop the motor skills they need to do everyday tasks like make their bed and brush their teeth, but it also helps them develop the motor skills they need to play.

Watching his kids get to play with others, run around in the backyard, and develop their own motor skills through sports and school opened his eyes to just how incredible that experience is as a parent. Every parent deserves that, so Zach will forever be a supporter of CECO. His donations can help them invest in the tools and resources they need to support their students, as well as provide financial assistance to students who cannot pay for schooling at CECO.

Zach has always had a passion for fitness, sports, and wellness, but it wasn't until raising his own family that he considered the idea of these things not being a part of his kids' lives or even his life! Sometimes when we have something so readily available to us, such as our motor skills, we don't even think about the population of people that aren't so fortunate. In addition to supporting CECO, Zach is the president of a non-profit youth sports association that aims to inspire a mind-body connection in children across central FL.

As a natural leader and well-respected entrepreneur, Zach has been recognized for his work in business throughout the years, but nothing has fulfilled him like being a father and getting to support the kids in his community with finding a love of sports and chasing their dreams. He chased his dreams and now he works tirelessly to lead by example, showing the bright young minds of tomorrow that their dreams are worth chasing, too.