Yuyao Wang Debuts Her Unique Fashion Collection: Empowering and Fearless

Yuyao Wang

Yuyao Wang unveiled her latest collection in New York City, drawing inspiration from her personal experience and choosing red as the primary color. In 2019, Wang received a diagnosis of mild arthritis in her knees, which initially left her feeling overwhelmed. Her love for fashion design dates back to her childhood, but her knee condition made it challenging to stand for long periods. This experience fueled Wang's desire to explore how she could design a line of clothing that seamlessly merged style and comfort while maintaining her signature design aesthetic.

She had already set her sights on launching Lis Yuyao Wang's haute couture line as early as 2021. Her latest collection, the Winter Collection 2022, was inspired by her personal experience in 2019 when she was diagnosed with mild arthritis in her knees. Concerned about the discomfort she experienced while working, particularly during long periods of standing, Wang designed this collection with tailored pieces that protect the body's joints, using exquisite fabrics to create a plush texture. The color red was a conscious choice because it symbolizes blood, reminding people to prioritize their health, while also bringing warmth and comfort to the audience.

"My brand's visuals are undeniably bold. And some designs did not conform to typical body lines. However, my brand's focus is on providing comfortable wear that deviates from mainstream aesthetic trends, such as this bulky top from look 5. I believe fashion should not exclusively cater to appreciating the human body, be it male or female." She said.

Yuyao Wang

Yuyao Wang drives her energy into creating the inaugural collection of Lis Yuyao Wang. Her goal was to bring positivity to others grappling with health issues by showcasing that fashion and comfort can coexist. Wang's determination to overcome her physical limitations and create something meaningful demonstrates her resilience and commitment to her craft.

Fashion has been her passion since she was a child. She was that little girl who enjoyed trying on her mother's clothes and experimenting with her lipsticks. At the age of 14, she started sketching various dress designs in school, believing that she simply had a deep appreciation for clothing and a desire to design her own. To enhance her skills, she poured over old fashion magazines at home. She shared the pictures of her dress designs with a close friend whose mother was a fashion designer, but her response was hurtful. "She didn't believe I had any natural talent for design, given my lack of basic drawing skills. However, here I am today, a thriving fashion designer debuting my very own brand," Yuyao said.