Yuna: My relationship with Islam is not for show, I don't strive to show people I'm a good Muslim

Singer Yunalis Zara'ai, who is popularly known as Yuna, has spoken about her journey as a Muslim woman after entering the music industry. She has revealed about trying to please the conservative Malay Muslims when she was young.

The singer has claimed that learned a lot in the last 15 years which helped her to be a "fully functioning happy person." Yuna opened up on her views on an Insta story on Instagram recently.

She wrote "I'm just gonna go ahead and say this. My journey as a Muslim woman in the music industry has been an interesting one. When I was younger, I stress myself out trying to please the conservative Malay Muslims. Then finding out that the only way to be a fully functioning happy person is to let go, and let things happen naturally. I've experienced & dealt with a LOT of things in the last 15 years. Here's what I've observed & learned;"

According to the 34-year old, her relationship with her religion is "beautiful" and unwilling to please people by posting about Islam on social media sites. She has shared her observation on Instagram which can be read below:

Yuna, who is married to Malaysian filmmaker Adam Sinclair, is known for breaking stereotypes in the music industry in the country.