YTA Review: How Caleb Maddix is Fundamentally Disrupting the Traditional Customer Experience

Caleb Maddix

How do you create a brand-new customer experience in the 21st century?

We sat down with Caleb Maddix and Ryan O'Donnell to hear about what they are currently doing with their company—YouTube Automation (YTA), and why investors are jumping at the opportunity to invest in what many are deeming "digital real estate."

YTA is still a little-known investment sweet spot that people in the know have been using to bolster their portfolios for the past few years. At the beginning of this month, Caleb and Ryan decided to go public to capitalize on YTA's impressive results to date.

Here are some quick stats from the company:

● A total of 125+ active partners/investors.

● 140+ person team creating 500-700 videos every single day.

● Guaranteed instant monetization for every single investor (meaning investors start seeing returns on their very first video).

● Investors earning well over $12,000,000 per year (and that's excluding many of their biggest and exclusive private partners who aren't at liberty to disclose their numbers).

● Videos reached over 1 billion people last year alone, and they are on track to getting 2-3 billion views this year.

Now, at first glance, these are undoubtedly impressive results, but there's more to it than just that. Clearly, Caleb and Ryan's vision goes much deeper. As they told me, it really comes down to two things: results rate and customer experience.

Results Rate

Caleb Maddix outlined his personal and company-wide belief about the correlation between results and customer experience. "It goes much deeper than numbers for me, it's genuinely about the prospect of getting results and ultimately succeeding in all of our programs. This is why we take time and care when it comes to developing our sales approach. Holding a long-term vision means that you are playing a long-form chess game. This also means that things like the results rate will have a direct bearing on the long-term success of our companies."

Customer Experience

Caleb and Ryan wanted to get rid of the traditional corporate customer service and wanted to set up a team that would enjoy a job beyond just closing out a ticket. They wanted to create a team whose full-time job was to wow their partners and provide them with impeccable white-glove service.

Ryan commented on the importance of results centered on customer experience. "Let's be real - the Internet is not going anywhere, anytime soon. This is why some of the world's smartest investors are now starting to diversify their portfolios by investing in digital real estate. And these investors know that the prime digital real estate transactions on the planet take place on YouTube. After all, it's one of the most well-established platforms on the Internet, yet it keeps expanding.

YTA: Automated Channels

We asked Caleb and Ryan how potential investors, who are not willing to show their faces on camera, can enter YouTube video marketing.

If you're a private investor, the best way of acquiring this asset is through the company that has a proven, half-a-decade-long track record of success, and that relies on the #1 YouTube Automation team in the world. The good news is that they just opened up this "digital asset class" to everyday investors for the first time ever by establishing the new, public arm of YTA.

YTA is dedicated to offering unparalleled investment opportunities to the leading investors with their Automated Faceless YouTube channels. It's the quickest path to "acquiring people's attention" (an asset that never goes down in value and that has been around since the age of the gladiators). This is why YTA often sees unmatched returns, especially for those investors who take a long-term "real-estate perspective" to their investments.