You've a New Champion of Mask Protocol, and That's President Trump

"We are going to defeat the virus. But it is going to get worse before it gets any better, says Trump.

President Donald Trump has urged all Americans to wear masks in order to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus. "I will use it, gladly, anything that potentially can help ... is a good thing," said Trump, who was once reluctant to wear a mask.

"Wearing a mask has an impact on the fight against COVID," he added, addressing the concerns of Americans even as reports of a possible vaccine are making rounds in media. Ever since the pandemic hit economies and lives, Trump has been reluctant to wear a mask, while he claimed that the virus won't stay for long.

However, in a briefing that hardly lasted for half an hour on Tuesday, Trump's rhetoric changed over masks. "We are going to defeat the virus. But it is going to get worse before it gets any better. In order to keep yourselves safe, you like them or not – masks are the primary defense against the virus," he said.

Trump wore an exhausted look in Tuesday's White House briefing where he was not accompanied by any health experts like NIAID Director Anthony Fauci. The President further called on the youth in America to avoid being in crowded places like pubs. He also asked them to abide by the standard protocol of "wearing a mask" to distance themselves from the deadly pathogen causing coronavirus.

Trump wears mask
President Donald Trump, who has avoided wearing a mask in public even as the coronavirus pandemic spread, donned one on Saturday at a military medical facility outside Washington where he was to meet with wounded soldiers and frontline health-care workers Twitter/SABC News

Trump alsopointed out that positive cases in America are close to 4 million. The number shared by Trump tallies with the number that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given. "Masks are most potential weapons against the virus. Using cloth face coverings we can at least reduce the pace of the virus spread. We are not completely defenSeless against COVID," said CDC Director Robert Redfield.

Trump, who was seen maskless during his first election campaign in Tulsa in June, was recently seen wearing a mask when he visited a military hospital. Researchers, scientists and governors have now stressed the fact that masks happen to be the first defense against the virus.

He then called on the Americans and asked them to be patriotic in their effort to combat the pandemic as he reiterated: "Masks have an impact in this fight." He further said: "Vaccines are being developed and they will soon be used to treat many as my administration is committed to save lives and shield the vulnerable."