YouTuber Onison responds after being banned from Patreon after doxing woman online

Responding to the ban, Greg "Onision" Jackson said he was an innocent person being censored.

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YouTuber Greg "Onision" Jackson, who was banned from Patreon after allegedly doxing a woman online, responded to the controversy. On Sunday night, Jackson posted text messages and the phone number of Billie Dawn Webb.

"I broke up with [Webb] in 2016," Jackson told the Verge. "She has been upset with me ever since. I posted screenshots where I complimented our relationship all those years ago, expressing how I was sad about how it couldn't work out."

Webb recently accused Jackson of pressuring her into having sex. The doxing occurred on Twitter but Patreon removed Jackson from its platform.

"Yes, we removed Onision from Patreon as he violated our Bullying and Harassment as it relates to doxing," a Patreon spokesperson told the Verge.

Responding to the ban, Jackson said he was an innocent person being censored. In a video released Tuesday, he said, "Oh, you have an opinion of me. So you're just going to ruin my entire career? Is that what you're going to do? Oh, I'm sorry, the FBI never showed up. Oh, I'm sorry, the cops are all about onion boy, because it turns out, didn't break a single law. What do we do? Our opinions have been invalidated so many times of him that we're going to disable his Patreon. Wow, you would really do that."

Over the course of 2019, six women have come forward with their own stories about Jackson and his husband Kai. Jackson started uploading to YouTube in 2007 before creating the viral "Banana Song" in 2009.