YouTube throttles video streaming quality to 480p to tackle network strain due to coronavirus

Popular video streaming platform Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV Plus have also restricted the bandwidth to ease internet congestion.

Self-isolated people across the world are creating a massive speed throttling on the video and game streaming platforms, adding to the strain on networks caused by unprecedented levels of work-from-home instances. To deal with the rising concern in the wake of the worsening novel Coronavirus pandemic, Google has made a few changes in its video streaming platform YouTube including trimming down the streaming bit-rate. Today onward, the video streaming platform would set the default streaming quality to 480p.

The new change would apply to all over the world starting today. Though Google hasn't mentioned whether the new bit-rate is forever or for a temporary period but concerning the present conditions, we assume the default streaming bit-rate would be there at least for a month. The bit-rate can be modified anytime while watching, to a higher bit rate anytime. However, 480P resolution for a regular informative video would suffice for most of the handheld device display, including a smartphone.

The list is enormous
However, Google is not the only one to take such a stern step for controlling the throttling experience. Last week, popular video streaming platform Netflix announced the restriction of bandwidth to ease internet congestion. The video streaming quality of Netflix has been restricted to 7.6 Mbits per second and is perfectly watchable. Following Netflix, other popular video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Disney+ have also clamped down video bit-rate to control the issue.

What about the Gaming platforms?

PlayStation maker Sony has also explained via a blog about the throttling issue gamers are facing while downloading games and DLCs. However, they have assured to maintain the gaming quality unaffected. Microsoft has also mentioned in its recent blog about monitoring the performance and usage trends to ensure optimising the service for the XBOX gamers.

Other significant gaming platforms, including Nintendo, Valve, Tencent or Epic Games, are tight-lipped as of now. Still, considering the present situation, they are likely to come up with something similar over the coming days.

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