YouTube star Logan Paul apologizes for remarks on Aokigahara dead body [VIDEO]

Epidemiologist believes that a media story such as this one can provoke suicide among many

Logan Paul
Logan Paul Logan Paul Vlogs/ YouTube grab

YouTube star Logan Paul and his friends exposed an extremely inhuman side of their personality when they cracked jokes on a dead body which was found in Japan's Aokigahara forest, a renowned suicide spot. However, after receiving widespread criticism for the video he apologized to his fans.

Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees is situated on the north-western flank of Japan's Mount Fuji. 22-year-old Logan along with his friends visited the spot and recorded their reaction towards the deceased, who was found hanging from a tree. In the video, he blurred the face of the dead but showed other body parts.

He deleted the video after receiving major backlash on social media. Reportedly, more than six million people had viewed the video before it was taken down. Actress and online video veteran Anna Akana, whose sister committed suicide 10 years ago, took to Twitter immediately after watching the video.

There are other individuals who felt disgusted when they came across the video and posted their views on social media.

Later Logan posted another video where he apologized and said, "I have made a huge mistake. I am ashamed."

According to Newsweek, Madelyn Gould, an epidemiologist at Columbia University who studies suicide risk and prevention said, "Even though people do still wonder how a behavior as serious as suicide can be contagious, there are consistent results from so many studies that indicate that following a media story, suicide rates go up."

"Images can be very powerful. They can get stuck in your head," he further added.

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