YouTube Marks Black History Month in a Unique Way; One New Logo Every Monday

Every Monday throughout the month of February users are able to notice a new logo created by Black artists.

Black History Month by YouTube

February is Black History Month or African-American History Month and like many other organizations, YouTube is doing something extra special to mark the event in a noteworthy way.

In order to observe this historic event, Black artists will reinterpret the logo of the video-sharing platform, which one can see on the mobile application and the website version of the same, throughout this month.

"At YouTube, we believe in the power of diverse voices and perspectives. As part of our continued work to support and celebrate these voices, we're starting Black History Month by highlighting four Black artists this Black History Month. They will be bring their creative talents to the YouTube logo," stated YouTube in their official blog.

Every Monday throughout the month of February users will be able to notice a new logo created by the artists. One will be able to spot it in the top-left corner of the YouTube Home feed on Android, iOS, s well as desktop web.

Users are also getting to notice a featured "Celebrate Black History" card in their mobile feeds that is leading to "Voices of Black Creativity" playlist.

Leandro Assis


The first BHM YouTube logo came to view on the first Monday of February, which was February 1. Brazilian-based artist, letterer, and art director Leandro Assis created the beautiful art piece. When asked about his creation, Assis explained:

"What inspired me to create this piece were the Black people around me. The meaning and importance of our hair, the way we dance, the rhythms we create, and the beauty of our different skin tones."

Keisha Okafor


The next logo in line was published on February 8 and it was designed by Keisha Okafor, an artist and designer based out of North Carolina.

"For this piece, I was inspired by a love of math, and I also wanted to celebrate Black women throughout history. Especially, in the STEM field. I wanted to make sure that it was highlighted in a way that we don't normally think of creativity, like, even without a paint brush, or a ballet slipper, it can still be creative," Okafor stated beautifully.

Marco Cheatham


As of now, the last logo on YouTube's BHM series was published today on February 15 and was designed by a St. Louis-based designer and illustrator Marco Cheatham.

When asked about the inspiration behind his art, he stated: "The inspiration for this piece came from just wanting to show a variety of different crafts and creative Black people doing all types of different things. And I wanted to show that as much as possible in as many different lights as I could."