YouTube confirms it won't delete the non-money making accounts

YouTube has confirmed that it won't take down channels that aren't generating income but the catch remains that they won't make money

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The video-sharing platform YouTube is enduring a lot of updates. Recently we have heard about the termination of the account if it isn't commercially viable. The news has set the internet on fire with a lot of posts on social media about how YouTube is discouraging the naive and upcoming content creators.

Also, certain content creators have shown dejection about the same that left a lot of question marks on their faces, thinking of what might happen to their channel. To end this confusion, the company broke its silence by replying to the tweet from Twitter handle @MaracleMan (actual name - Christian Maracle).

Christian, who's also a YouTuber, tweeted: "YouTube has new Terms Of Service on December 10th. This says that if channels don't make enough money, THEY WILL POSSIBLY TERMINATE THEM!!! Looks like I fought to the very end but now I may be close to losing my livelihood, losing my passion, my audience and my..."

And Team YouTube responded to his tweet stating that "To clarify, there are no new rights in our ToS to terminate an account bc it's not making money". "As before, we may discontinue certain YouTube features or parts of the service, for ex., if they're outdated or have low usage. This does not impact creators/viewers in any new way."

The whole haywire among the creators happened when the Google-owned YouTube updated the Terms of Service in their blog. It says that the accounts will be terminated if it doesn't generate any profit for the company. In a tweet, YouTube also said that it will first take down the less used features and any other outdated services, which is used very rarely or no longer using.

However, it doesn't create any negative impact on the video views because everything is linked to the URL itself. It means, once you upload any video, a unique URL link gets generated automatically. Moreover, YouTube said that it is not possible to replace the previously uploaded video with a new one, but the user can modify the existing video.

The company has been reminding its users about all these updates with push notifications and emails, informing about changes that are about to take place sooner. And this policy comes into effect on 10th December 2019.

YouTube - Terms of Service Twitter handle @MaracleMan
YouTube - TOS Twitter handle - @TeamYouTube
This article was first published on November 14, 2019