Youth WithYou 3 Fans Slam iQIYI for Suspending Show Over Tony Yu Controversies

Leading Chinese pop idol show Youth WithYou 3 is going off-air just before the finale. The controversies around one of the contestants, Tony Yu Jingtian, have forced the producers to cancel the scheduled finale.

Youth WithYou 3
Youth WithYou 3. Youth WithYou 3 Instagram

iQIYI, the video streaming site in which the show is being aired, has formally announced the news in a press release and apologized to fans for its "missteps". "We regret to confirm the cancellation of Youth with You 3 Finale live stream that was originally scheduled on May 8th. All fan voting channels will also be effectively closed henceforth as iQiyi continues to review and adjust the rules of the show.

"To the fans who have been supporting Youth With You 3 over the past two months, we sincerely apologize for our missteps and promise to continue to do better for our users," it said in the statement.

Why is the Show is Going Off Air?

It is all started because of leading contestant Tony Yu Jingtian's parents' links with drugs and prostitution. They are alleged of running the illegal business although they have denied the links.
His mother LiQin stated that the karaoke business was run by them along with a partner and the ownership was transferred before they left for Canada in 2008.

Tony Yu Jingtian
Tony Yu Jingtian. Instagram

However, there are still allegations of her running the illegal business in 2004. Further, Tony Yu's dual nationality issues enraged the audience. He is having citizenship in China as well as Canada, where he is residing for over a decade now.

After the controversy became a hot topic of debate on social media sites, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau intervened and suspended Youth With You Season 3 from airing for failing to comply with broadcasting regulations.

Audience Reaction

However, the general audience is upset with iQIYI for suspending the show without explaining whether or not the show is being canceled or will be rescheduled. Many concerned fans are asking what happens to the hard efforts put in by the contestants for months and how would they get justice and compensation for the no mistakes of them.

Check out their reaction:

for luo yizhou: Ok???? Give the trainees the closing they deserve, give them the well deserved rest, many of them got hurt while filming this show... what about them huh???

Kimmy: I think you should also clarify what will be your next steps with regards to the contestants. You just can't leave them in the dark and leave fans who have been supporting them from the beginning.

ot4pinkz: all the trainees deserve better WE NEED AN OFFICIAL DATE OF FINALE STAGE AND TOP9 DEBUT anyway HE DERUI FIGHTINGLoudly crying faceFlexed biceps

Joy/ luo yizhou twt Strawberry: maybe you can start treating your users right by first clarifying what the next step is instead of making us all play this waiting game

LalisAEIOUSunflower LISA SOLO Purple heartYellow heart⁰³²⁷: All the best!!! The trainees deserved to be debuted in return of their hardwork. My suggestion for worst case scenario: debut them all, 19 of them.

rj: that about the trainees? Apologize to them!!
Pay for their mental health!!

₊˚✧Cowboy hat face ~dqhx~: Is it a cancellation or a rescheduling? This show should be aware that certain people purchased VIPs in order to vote for their picks and even spent Money with wings. Are you refusing to acknowledge us and the trainees the deserved conclusion? There is no explanation for what will happen next.

hiatus: ok thank you for saying things we kinda already knew, but what about the trainees?? they will debut????the final will be reschedule or not???????????

promising young lisa: Stop giving vague statements. Announce if you are gonna debut a bg or not so the fans the trainees and the mentors can move on to other activities

Crazy_K8SparklesStreaming Team⁰¹-³⁶SparklesLOVE YOU ZXYN!!!: Cancellation not postponement? This show have to realize some ppl bought VIPs to vote for this show. Are you robbing us and the trainees the finale they deserve? Theres no explanation on whats going to happen next.

: It's quite ambiguous. Any clearer statement other than the cancellation of live stream? What most of us are apprehensive about is Is it going to be total cessation of the show. No final night? Will there be debutation for the top nine trainees? What now? Sleepy face

This article was first published on May 7, 2021