Your kids should not use these 15 popular smartphone apps used by paedophiles

Here is the list of 15 popular apps which are used by paedophiles who target their victims to share adult contents

At this era, when the children and teenagers are always exposed to the wide cosmos of the internet, parents seek question on what is the correct age to let their children have their own smartphone.

Here it should be mentioned that in 2019 a research conducted by Google showed that the average age for Singapore kids to get their first internet-accessed device is eight. This is the youngest age compare to many countries involved in the survey and lower than the global average age, which is 10. But most of the parents fear about the frightening fact that how having a tech gadget affect their child's development.

Recently parents are warned to check the devices used by their children as tech experts found a few popular apps which are being used by paedophiles.

Apps may cause harm to children

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Malicious-information stealing-dangerous-malicious apps are nothing new. Over the years several cybersecurity companies and experts identified those apps on platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But there are some apps which pose a more dangerous threat than even malware and mostly used by paedophiles who search for children on virtual platforms.

As per the reports, police departments from all over the world are sharing the list of such apps on social media platforms and warned parents about the availability of such apps on market places.

It should be noted that the apps, which includes the dating ones as well as live chats, can be used by paedophiles to share adult contents such as explicit pictures and videos. Check the list of 15 dangerous apps along with their descriptions which should be deleted from any minor's smartphone.

Check for these apps