Youngest Serial Entrepreneur Akhilendra Sahu: The Epitome of A Young & Visionary Hustler

Akhilendra Sahu

The world bends before you if you have the will to bend it. All it takes is determination and perseverance to make a spot for yourself in today's competent world. While most of us Indians wish to have government jobs, there are a few who are a contradiction. We know them as 'Entrepreneurs'. But there are very few youngsters who pursue this path of entrepreneurship. Akhilendra Sahu is one of the many such young brilliant individuals.

Hailing from Narsinghpur in MP, India Akhilendra has accomplished at a very tender age what is a dream for many. He has successfully built his business empire from scratch. What started once as a freelancing journey, it has now turned out to be his business model. Teenage years are important in our life as it is when we carve out our future. Indeed, this has been exemplified by Akhilendra.

At the tender age of 19, he is one of the world's youngest and brilliant serial entrepreneurs. Risking it all in the face of odds against him, he initially founded ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. He is currently the CEO of the same and is doing them very well. He rightly identified the digitalization process and chose to ride the current. Since then, he has expanded his business by many folds. He is involved in the digital marketing industry but now soon has a plan to leave. After all, it is rightly said that variety is the spice of life.

Within the last two years, Akhilendra has contributed so much to the business segment in India. From one company he branched out to many. A few amongst those to name are Technical Next Technologies which is an International Hosting Provider, ASTNT Media which hosts a network of 30+ news sites, HeyIndia which is a Social Media App, StartUp199 that deals with Web Development, FoodChilli which exclusive restaurants and food delivery, Infinity Fame which is a Public Figure Marketing Agency and The Publishly for press release distribution.

Even in this time of the pandemic, he has managed to employ many contributing to the development of the nation. He is truly an inspiration for many individuals and adults likewise. His dream of starting his own firm has been righteously accomplished. Not just that his efforts and work are now recognized globally. The challenges in the digital scenario in India were tremendous. But his sheer willpower combined with his team of experts helped them become what they are today.

Akhilendra's work has been appreciated by many in the business industry and they are in awe of his accomplishments at such a young age. Indeed, he is the epitome of a visionary entrepreneur. His motto is simple: Client satisfaction is the only goal. He always understands the need of clients first and them accordingly offers them the best possible services. According to him, there's still a lot to be achieved. He also gave a tip to all the budding entrepreneurs in India to stay creative and go beyond the ordinary.