Young Property Millionaire Sanan Sanani, Creator Of The Real Estate Millionaire Blueprint Movement

Sanan Sanani

Investment coach Sanan Sanani has released his flagship training called The Real Estate Millionaire Blueprint. This is not a usual get the rich overnight course, but rather it is a movement that is aimed at income earners to achieve financial independence using their hard-earned income to produce unearned income rather than spending the hard-earned money on vacations and things that produce no income.

Now, who is Sanan Sanani and why his course is gaining such popularity among young people at his age and with his circumstances? All that and more in the following paragraphs so make sure you stick around.

Who is the real estate investment coach Sanan Sanani?

Sanan Sanani is a real estate millionaire investor and coach from Dubai. He began his career life trying different things and losing a lot of money. His early adulthood was filled with "I can do this my way" and " I don't need a teacher". Well, that left him with almost no money and a bad stomach!

He had his eureka moment around 5 years ago when he hit the rock bottom. I guess this is a common story for all of us, but the rest of the story will inspire you the most.

When he hit the rock bottom, he met his mentor. The person who helped him pick himself up and do the right thing. He told him where the money is and how he can build a life of wealth and financial independence.

The rest is history. Learning the right way to find and make deals, when to take action and when not to, he started his real estate investment career in Dubai, and now he owns more than 10 properties and he is building a huge real estate investment and consultation service in Tbilisi, Georgia. The most inspiring element of this story is that he is only 26!

What is RMB?

The story doesn't end there. Since his revolution moment by his mentor, he has kept a promise to share the knowledge that took him here with people who are in his shoes. Young people who don't know what to do with their money and how to build wealth. This brings us to RMB.

RMB stands for Real Estate Millionaire Blueprint, which is basically a guide for young people in the world of real estate investment. Most of us think that this world is occupied by investors, and all the good investments are taken. That is exactly why Sanan created this course and movement to debunk common myths about real estate investment, which keep young people away from their financial independence and leads them into 9-5 jobs.

What Makes The Real Estate Millionaires Blueprint So Special?

There are several reasons why young people should check out this course more but let me give you a couple of pointers:

  • RMB is targeted at those with a regular income and it is far from a get-rich scheme. Most courses just tell you why real estate is good and what they did to become millionaires. This one is more focused on showing you the way and telling you how to find your own way to achieve financial independence.
  • This course is designed for those whose aim is creating a side income with the help of their main income until their side income becomes their main income. Most famous courses are focused on what people do and how to repeat that on the east and west coast of the US. well, that is basically impractical for even the majority of Americans.

Final Thoughts

Sanan Sanani has come a long way in such a short time and this has inspired him in so many ways. I think the lesson for young people reading this is that all we need to do is find our mentor and learn the right to financial independence.

Financial independence is something on all of our minds but the challenge is how to put things together. There are lots of psychological issues and money problems that can come between us and our dreams but Sanan tries to close that gap.