Young lions spotted playing with black plastic cover in South Africa

YouTube: Rob The Ranger Wildlife videos

A new video apparently captured by wildlife filmmaker 'Rob The Ranger' is now the hottest debating point among environmentalists and wildlife conservationists. The video shows three lions playing with a black plastic bag, and it clearly indicates the dangers posed by this manmade material to the ecosystem.

The video was shot at the Sabi Sand Wildtuin wildlife reserve in South Africa. Wildlife conservationists believe that the discarded plastic bag might have reached the reserve from any nearby lodges or brought in by a hyena which had been scavenging bins.

"The Ottawa pride of lions try chasing some kudu before regrouping and somehow finding a black bin back which the younger pride members played with for a while. The bag may have gotten into the bush by hyenas or baboons taking it from a lodge as there are no routes in the area for the general public to drop litter on. any lodges have pledged to reduce plastic pollution already," wrote Rob The Ranger in the video description.

The video which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month has already racked up more than 8,000 views. After watching the video, viewers also shared their thoughts regarding the threats posed by plastic pollution on wildlife.

Most of the viewers lauded Rob The Ranger for this effort which exposed the danger posed by plastic on wildlife and ecosystem.

"It's a shame what humans are doing with their GARBAGE. Lions playing with plastic! Shame on the people who are responsible for this," commented Judith Campbell, a YouTube user.

"This is so sad. It is horrible the way plastic has invaded, the land, the oceans, the forests and deserts, and it is all because of humans, and they are the only ones who can fix it," commented Shady Pines Ma, another YouTuber.

This new video is just one of the many examples which prove the dangers posed by plastic. Last month, a dead baby seal was found washed ashore on Waternish, Skye, with loads of plastic pieces dumped in its stomach.