Young And Go-getter, Entrepreneur Soumyabrata Giri is an achiever in a true sense

Soumyabrata Giri

A decade back, when we thought about a young entrepreneur, the image that surfaced was a person in her early 30s out to achieve big in the business world with a new innovative idea, but the present generation has changed this thought completely. Now we see the youth minds are too clear about their aims and goals at the age as early as 16 or 18. Soumyabrata Giri, a 20 years old entrepreneur from Odisha, is a live example of this, who is the founder of digital marketing agency He recently started a new start-up in the food delivery segment called Drippy, which currently provides its services in 3 districts of Odisha, namely Bhubaneswar, Balasore, and Rairangpur.

Soumyabrata Giri hailing from the Capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar Soumyabrata was always an above-average student during school. Like present generation kids, he also had lots of interest in social media and technology. Saumyabrat, who is pursuing from Gandhi Institute Of Technology, started writing blogs while he was in school, his blogs received an overwhelming response from readers, that is when he decided to make a career in social media marketing. Blogging is still his passion, he loves to write technology-related blogs.

He founded his own digital marketing agency just after completing his schooling, and created a niche for himself by offering cost-effective digital marketing and PR solutions to smaller and new brands who have a relatively low budget and wanted to expand their presence on social media. offers solutions in Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and promotional services for twitter and Soundcloud as well. It is renowned for effective brand promotion with tailor-made solutions as per client requirements.

With his sheer hard work and qualitative solutions, Soumyabrata has been able to earn the trust of more than 10,000 clients within a short period. Now that even the government has launched a scheme to support local businesses to the max due to the present pandemic situation, Saumybrat is helping many local brands to reach maximum target customers through social media. He says, "Social Media is where all the action is focused now. Gone are the days where expensive TV ads were essential to reach the largest customer base, the whole attention is now on social media platforms. Every brand needs to make its presence felt here."

Saumyabrat wants to take to a new peak and wants to support more new local brands to make maximum use of social media platforms by providing the best digital marketing solutions. He says, "social media is now used by every generation, be it 16 years or a 60 years old person, and due to the present situation that most people are at home, the screen time on social media has enhanced considerably. The brands can take advantage of this situation to their benefit. People are buying almost everything on social media from grocery to gadgets."

Having so much knowledge about the market place and giving effective promotional solutions resulting in plumbing the profits to other businesses indeed shows his credentials. Saumyabrat Giri is an achiever in a true sense.