Young entrepreneur Royston G King and his journey of building a billion-dollar empire

 Royston G King

Royston G King's story, from asking people to lend him money for college to donating five-figure sums to charity foundations for the cause of the needy, is something that sets inspiration for us all. He owns multiple public and private ventures, including popular ones like God Like Scaling & Mastermind, Good Purpose Brands, Trillion-Dollar Growth, and Master Scaling. The CEO of multiple businesses has worked with private equity, home improvement, investment funds, real estate, technology, and even medical science. You can as well say that he is a jack of all trades.

Unfortunately, this guy didn't face a promising start. As a young boy, being from a humble household, he had to juggle between maintaining good grades at the university and two jobs to feed his family. Royston still managed to do exceptionally well at university as he was chosen for the exchange student program at the University Of Southern California. He even took summer school at Harvard University & the London School Of Economics. When he went into business, he had to struggle with depression during his first year. However, soon things started working according to his expectations, and this mastermind was being interviewed by some of the top business magazines in the world.

Royston wrote down and published what he learned from his life as an entrepreneur under the name "Scaling Secrets" to help people succeed in the corporate field. In over a year since the initiation of his entrepreneurship journey, Royston employed several full-time employees while also securing excellent opportunities like a paid advertising for a billion-dollar company. Owing to his massive success in such a short span of time, a Y-combinator-backed company contacted him to become their brand ambassador.

As Royston G King became a name often discussed in the corporate world, he started getting invites to head over several committees and attend various events. He became the executive director of the entrepreneurship society endorsed by Bill Gates, known as Kairos Society. Royston was overjoyed when the USA's highest-rated business lawyer endorsed his company. In his quest to give back to the world and help make people's lives better, the entrepreneur has also headed several charity foundations. He is either a board member, brand ambassador, and advisor of authentic committees like Save The Children, Habitat For Humanity, Hult Prize Foundation, Robin Hood Army, Singular University, Net Impact, One For The World, and many more.

This multi-talented person still has so much more to achieve and many goals to accomplish. He strives to become a better human being with each passing day. Despite the obstacles that Royston G King faced initially, he is thankful for his lessons and his people. The billionaire now hopes to positively impact people around him through what he has achieved so far.