Young Entrepreneur Oscar Barragan Has Helped Thousands Scale Their Businesses

Oscar Barragan

Oscar Barragan is only 23 years old, but he has already helped thousands of businesses scale and increase their audiences on social media. This has mainly been thanks to partnering with the founder of Loudley Media Agency, which has the coveted @marketing Instagram handle. The road to reach the level of success Oscar now enjoys had humble beginnings, which he never forgets about, no matter how successful he becomes.

Oscar grew up in a small California town, living in a one-bedroom trailer with his parents and two younger brothers. Throughout most of his life, he didn't have much money. However, what he did have were the best parents he could have possibly asked for. They were continually motivating him and making sure he was destined to become successful in life.

He watched his parents work day and night just to make ends meet. That is why Oscar promised himself that he was going to achieve something great one day, allowing him to help his parents retire. He also envisioned helping others who were in need.

Oscar admits that he wasn't the brightest student in school. If that wasn't challenging enough, his teachers would berate him by telling him he wasn't going to make it anywhere in life. However, thanks to his parents motivating him constantly, he refused to accept their projections or listen to them. He continued on his journey toward success, looking for ways to make money, and do so more easily. He eventually stumbled across the wide world of social media. Instagram became ground zero for his accelerated success, which is why he focused on the platform as his main moneymaker.

Little did he know, this discovery would eventually change his life forever. Within just a few years, Oscar grew a massive network of 10 million followers. He zeroed in on helping people grow their businesses. Once he had tremendous success doing this, he met and partnered up with the founder of a well-established social media marketing agency in Los Angeles.

At just 20 years old when partnering up with Loudley Media Agency, Oscar got his start on the road to success early on. Today, he's only 23 and yet has helped an enormous number of businesses expand their audiences and increase their sales.

By teaming up with Loudley, Oscar was able to begin offering a wide array of social media marketing services that would have been more challenging to do on his own. Today, Oscar and Loudley can help businesses manage ad spending, create incentive funnels, curate hyper-targeted audiences, implement Facebook Pixel, and much more.

Within an increasingly crowded social media landscape, it can be challenging for a small business to gain a foothold. That's what makes people like Oscar and Loudley so helpful for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You can keep up with the latest from Oscar by following his Instagram page. You can also follow his TikTok, as well as Loudley Media Agency's Instagram page.