A young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Anusha Chowdhury

Anusha Chowdhury

Meet Anusha Chowdhury, a young and brilliant entrepreneur from Bangladesh, who is managing two big businesses in a row. Along with managing so much work, she has also launched her new start-up known as Bazar Nao, based on the idea of helping people who are facing difficulties to survive due to the awful situation of the pandemic.

The reason behind Anusha opted for entrepreneurship

"I have chosen this path of entrepreneurship because I want to rise to prominence by the complete utilization of my skills. While doing a job is a safe source of income, Bangladesh is a country which is overpopulated and opportunities are very scarce. So, I decided to create my opportunity and provide opportunities to others as well through my ventures. I have seen a lot of people struggle for a job and then get fired under uncertain circumstances, I did not want to have the same fate", Anusha remarked.

Furthermore, she believes that the USP her organization "Bazar Nao" provides is not mainstream yet and she wants to be the first mover in this sector.

She believes it has great investment opportunities and avenues of expansion and could very well become a billion-dollar enterprise in a matter of a few years.

Anusha stressing on the idea of: 'Bazar Nao'

Anusha says that her recent start-up Bazar Nao is an e-commerce platform that deals in selling groceries. The USP of the store is that it is Bangladesh's first-ever e-commerce store that provides groceries on credit. The users of Bazar Nao will be able to avail of a credit line for up to 20 days and they can use that credit line to purchase their desired commodities from the wide array of products from Bazar Nao's website.

Being a versatile person, Anusha looks in different businesses

Apart from managing Bazar Nao, Anusha owns and manages an apparel brand which is known as L'anush Apparels limited. The brand deals with manufacturing ready-made garments and supplying them to renowned brands. Her vision is to provide the best quality products to her customers. She is also the CEO of Vision Induction Wads limited. The company is a manufacturer of Induction wads for sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP, Glass Bottles & Jars, Aluminium Blister Foil, and aluminium lids foil. They are associated with all the leading Dairies & leading Bottle manufacturers for various industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverages, etc.

The inspiration behind her start-up

Anusha Chowdhury, through Bazar Nao, wants to help the middle-income group whose livelihood depends on jobs. Anusha says that most Bangladeshi communities have a local grocery store that provides them with groceries on credit. However, these stores do not provide a wide variety of products and so; people do not have access to superior quality products and have to settle for less.