Young Digital Marketer, Ayoub Marchich, Gives Actionable Tips For Entrepreneurial Success Amidst Global Pandemic Crises

Ayoub Marchich

There is little doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic crisis had unfavorable consequences on the global economy. The lockdown led to an economic meltdown mainly due to the fact that most businesses and enterprises around the world ceased to function. It was a time for entrepreneurs to reflect on unique ways to keep their businesses and brands afloat.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs did not figure out ways to make it through the phase of harsh economic realities. One of the few entrepreneurs who leveraged his entrepreneurial skills is Ayoub Marchich. The young CEO utilized this period to find solutions to most business problems.

The outcome was digital marketing. At a period where there was a global lockdown, the best way to push your brands, talents or skills was by creating a massive online presence.

For over 6 years, Ayoub Marchich has been running Adz. ma Agency, AlloMyStar project, a digital marketing company that helps brands, businesses, artists, singers, and social media influencers, to increase their online presence massively. Particularly because entertainment is thriving through streams and reels, the best time for entertainers to grow their careers is now.

Ayoub utilizes digital marketing adverts and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google ads, TikTok and more, to create publicity for his clients.

Ayoub Marchich has always been pushing for businesses and brands to create their online presence. This was how he was able to survive the negative impacts of the global pandemic. According to him, working online is the future for everyone. Creating businesses and brands online will open the doors for more opportunities.

"Covid-19 pandemic did not affect my work because I have been working online over the years. I usually implore anyone serious about achieving their set goals to push for creating projects online because the internet can never be stopped," Ayoub says.

The Covid period forced a lot of entrepreneurs to seek alternative ways of doing things and achieving results. Since the internet is ever-growing, marketing online seems to be the best option for the future. He says that all businesses should start advertising online if they want to partake in the benefits of the internet.

This tip is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially entertainers who need a massive fan base. The Covid-19 crisis halted many concerts and shows, so the best way to earn as an artist and stay relevant is through music streams and other online activities. Thus, they must focus on growing that aspect. This is where Adz. ma Agency comes in to support and develop their careers.

"Our business helps other brands and businesses by collecting the necessary data and information. We handle the sales part of many companies and help artists, influencers, presenters to achieve their online goals," Ayoub says.

He further stated:

"The goal is to help young artists get to the right road. I suggest the use of technology for this, especially advertising online."

In all, the marketing industry is the foundation of every brand and business because it creates a platform for promotion. Ayoub Marchich understands the relevance of marketing to brands, especially the entertainment industry. That is why he is invested in digital and online marketing.