Young Covid-19 Patients with no Underlying Conditions are Getting 'Too Sick to Talk', Reveals Doctor

Dr. Richard Totaro, from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, painted a morbid picture during a press conference today, saying more number of younger patients are now being admitted in the ICU after contracting Covid-19 despite having no underlying conditions.

The doctor shared startling details saying that younger patients who are in the ICU have their health so deteriorated that they are ''too sick to talk''.

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''Unfortunately once patients come to my ICU they are too sick to be talking to us. They're on ventilators, they're feeling really sick.'' The doctor revealed that it was uncommon to see younger patients being put on ventilators last year and in 2021, the sight has become too normal.

Dr. Totaro also said that mostly younger patients who are not vaccinated have landed themselves in the ICU and urged everyone during the press conference to go ahead and take their jabs.

''The remarkable thing about this disease is in people who aren't vaccinated just how progressive and relentless the deterioration can be. We've had people who are physically fit and well and who don't have underlying conditions (in ICU). The higher vaccination rates we have, the less people who are getting sick,'' he said.

Australia Sees Spike In Covid-19 Cases

Australia, which has closed its borders completely since March 2020 and had relatively low numbers of positive cases is seeing a sudden spike in numbers.

New South Wales chief health officer, Kerry Chant, confirmed the state saw 283 new cases of Covid-19 and stated that the numbers spiked after a man traveled and returned from Byron Bay, while another man in his 50s, traveled to Sydney and returned.

The officer revealed that 349 people are in the hospital after contracting the virus and are recovering, while 67 people are in the ICU and 29 patients have required ventilators.

Australia has seen a total of 36,330 positive cases and recorded 936 deaths, with Victoria accounting for 21,021 cases, the highest, while New South Wales has registered 11,201 cases.

The country had seen anti-lockdown protests in July where thousands of people gathered in Sydney and Melbourne with no masks condemning the government's decision of enforcing lockdowns and were dispersed after police sprayed tear gas on them.