Young College Girls Forced to Strip on OnlyFans as No Jobs Available in the Market Due to Covid-19 Situation

A growing number of college girls in Britain have joined the adult content subscription platform OnlyFans in the hope of earning money as jobs have dried up in the market due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economy doesn't seem to be recovering in the near future.

The Mirror reported that students with tuition debts are desperate for income and their previously held part time jobs such as bartenders, waiters among others have disappeared due to the on and off lockdowns in the UK that bleeds businesses off their wealth.

College girls strip on OnlyFans Bra Lingerie

The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) helpline revealed that that they witnessed a surge in calls from students who were finding it hard to pay their fees debt along with managing their lifestyle with basic necessities such as food and rent.

The helpline stated that girl students wanted to enter OnlyFans or porn to make ends meet as they found it to be the only way that can lift them out of their dire situation.

''We have seen a significant increase in students going into prostitution as tuition fees have increased,'' said Laura Watson, a spokeswoman for the ECP helpline.

Watson said in a statement that several students have joined OnlyFans or are doing porn because they need to pay off their debts which is in excess of $40,000. ''Since the pandemic a lot of women have been getting in touch starting sex work,'' she said.

''Jobs in shops and pubs, that students would traditionally have taken, have not been available, especially during the pandemic. There just aren't a lot of options out there and women have to find a way to survive,'' Watson explained the students situation.

College girls strip on OnlyFans Bra Lingerie

The English Collective of Prostitutes group was started in 1975 in order to remove the stigma attached to sex work and advocates for their rights and safety.

The ECP confirmed that they receive a at least 8 calls per day with girls telling them they want to setup their OnlyFans account in return for money and enquire about the law and rights before opening one.

However, not everyone are able to ear big bucks on OnlyFans and the subscription website is spoilt with choices as members prefer to stick to the ones that are already famous and heard about but the new entrants remain at the bottom of the website with little or no visibility.