'You Don't Look Gay': Donald Trump Comment At Fundraiser Draws Backlash on Social Media

Former US President Donald Trump's comment "you don't look a gay" at a fundraising event has once again landed him in the thick of controversy. The Mar-a-Lago estate and club was a fundraiser event in South Florida.

LBGTQ supporter groups have taken to social media to criticize Trump for his histrionics that many a time happen to be "not so funny".

As reported in Mail Online, Trump was attending a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser event for extending support to John Gibb, a former Trump administration official who is challenging Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) for his seat in Michigan's August 2 primaries.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Gay Look Cliché Criticized

During an interactive session, a person from the crowd shouted, "Gays for Trump" to which Trump asked, "Where's Gays for Trump". Again there was a voice from the crowd that said, "We are over here! Gays for Trump" and the former president spontaneously replied, "you don't look gay".

This comment did not go down well with larger groups, especially with the LSBTQ community who feel that the Trump government took some decisions that did not favor the community's interests at large.

Also, this episode has once again commenced a chatter over the "gay look cliché" that has been for long been criticized.

"So what should a Gay person look like!? Saying, "you don't look Gay" is an insult! Grow up! You think you're so funny. you're not!! Trump Tells Gay Supporter 'You Don't Look Gay' at Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser," wrote a twitter user.

A user expressed, "Trump tells supporter, you don't look gay, at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser Webster's Thesaurus now list Trump and Asshole as interchangeable synonyms aiding in helping preschoolers understand Civics at an early age."

Another Sarcastic comment read, "Ok this is really the icing on the cake. Trump asks "where are the gays for Trump"? And someone says over here! He says "oh you don't look gay, we did a lot for gays"! And he is IN FLORIDA. Best go arrest him, he said GAY!!"

"There is no bottom #youdontlookgay WHO says this? Trump Tells Gay Supporter 'You Don't Look Gay' at Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser" stated a user.