YOPLEX Partners With South Korean Boxing Legend Park Chan-Hee To Introduce Exclusive NFT

Park Chan-Hee

YOPLEX has announced an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to honor the South Korean boxing legend Park Chan-hee who left an everlasting contribution to sport in his sprawling career. The intention behind the NFT is to create a permanent memory of the boxing maestro who has a ginormous fan following despite so many decades after his retirement. Park Chan-hee won a gold medal in the 1974 Asian games, and the NFT aims to honor his achievements and the unwavering spirit, that helped him clinch a gold medal in an international sporting event.

YOPLEX is a reputed NFT marketplace that facilitates easy exchange and buying and selling of NFTs via its platform. Owning an original art piece has never been easier and by using reliable marketplaces such as YOPLEX, the transactions become much easier. The designers can also independently create original pieces and make some money by selling them to the highest bidder and transferring ownership of the NFT to the highest bidder in lieu of cryptocurrency. YOPLEX ensures that the trade stays legitimate and deserving artists get a chance to showcase their skills and creativity on the platform.

YOPLEX allows buying and selling of digital assets and accepts Yocoin as an exchange currency using which the users and purchase or sell their NFTs on the marketplace. In addition to that, YOPLEX is consistently working to curate original NFTs that are relatable to the audience, and are reminiscent of a popular figure such as the legendary Park Chan-hee. YOPLEX hasn't confirmed the release date of the Park Chan-hee NFT but assures that they are working long hours to make it available on the YOPLEX marketplace as soon as possible. The excitement level among the users is very high as everyone is looking to grab the NFTs as soon as they release on the platform.