Actor Yoo Seung Ho is quite excited about his upcoming movie Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, scheduled to release on July 6. The 22-year-old will be seen portraying the lead in the satirical movie.

During a recent press conference of the movie, the actor took some time out and shared about his friends and how he likes to spend his day with them. "I don't have celebrity friends. I still hang out with my middle school friends," Seung Ho said.

"People would think a bunch of guys like us would spend the night drinking when hanging out together, but my friends can't drink. Even we think we play safely when we hang out," he said.

Seung Ho, who rose to fame as a child actor in The Way Home in 2002, further added that he and his friends hang out just like any other close knit buddies. "When my friends and I meet, we drink coffee, talk, and then go to a PC bang and stay there for about four hours. Then we come out to eat dinner and then go back to the PC bang to stay there till 2 a.m.. We do hang out until late at night, but there's nothing special," he added.

"I do feel free. We play games or just go for a drive sometimes," the actor concluded.