Yoo Ah In reveals the real reason for avoiding military enlistment

Yoo Ah In is suffering from bone tumor.

South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in
South Korean actor Yoo Ah In is suffering from bone tumor Reuters

Yoo Ah In has responded to accusations that he using his medical condition to get a military exemption. Following the backlash, the actor revealed he is suffering from a bone tumor.

The 30-year-old actor's agency, UAA Entertainment told DongA.com: "It's true he has a bone tumor, but it's benign, not malignant. There won't be any effect on his everyday life. We just have to watch how it is. We never said he was sick, so we don't know where that started. His health is fine. It's not so serious that he's sick or that he needs to get treatment. We hope there aren't any misunderstanding through exaggerations. We're just burdened that family or friends would see and get worried."

The label added: "He also did have a fracture, but that's separate from his tumor. They're not even related. We're confirming that there are no big problems to his health. Yoo Ah In was classified as needing a re-examination [for enlistment], so we're waiting for the next examination. We're only following the procedure. We hope people stop overexaggerating or misinterpreting."

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In released a statement on his health condition. He stated: "I was aware that male celebrities can be misunderstood of using their injury or health condition to avoid military enlistment. That is why I completed all my schedule as planned and didn't reveal detailed information. It will definitely be possible for me to complete my mandatory service if an abnormal growth of the tumor does not occur."

"My injury and the health condition that is currently creating controversies are my misfortune. It is not a tool for me to avoid military enlistment," he added.

"The fact that I have to ask for forgiveness to others for my misfortune struggles me but as an actor who grows with the public's love and attention, I decided to accept it as my responsibility. I will overcome the pain the controversy has caused and carry out the duty as a citizen. As a person with the power to influence society, I will do my best to complete the duty," he concluded.