Yonghwa to enlist in military service due to graduate school scandal

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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa
CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (Instagram) Instagram

Yonghwa, member of Korean boy band CNBLUE, has decided to enlist in his mandatory military service as the scandal about his controversial admission to Kyung Hee University continues.

Netizens have criticized Yonghwa after he was embroiled in a controversy pertaining to his admission to a graduate school program without any interview at school as required. Police are investigating whether rules were violated in his admission process.

Yonghwa and FNC Entertainment issued apologies about the school controversy, and he stepped down as host of the TV show "Talk Mon."

"Jung Yonghwa has been summoned for his mandatory military service and will enlist this March 5. As a result, all overseas tours scheduled after the January 27 performance of '2018 Jung Yong Hwa Live [Room 622]' in Hong Kong have been inevitably canceled," said FNC Entertainment in a notice posted on its website.

It added, "We ask both domestic and international fans, who share your precious time and provide your attention, for understanding. We will do our best to take adequate measures so that no one will suffer damages due to the remaining overseas tour shows."

The agency also said Yonghwa will not be able to attend CNBLUE's concerts and "we also plan to release an additional announcement regarding previously announced CNBLUE tours."

"Please send your support so that [Yonghwa] can fulfill his military duties diligently as the nation calls on him, and return again with a mature and healthy image," it added.

Netizens are now comparing him to Super Junior's Kangin who enlisted because of a drunk driving and hit-and-run incident.

"He's no different from Kangin... is running away the only solution for these people? Then they come back and do interviews right as the public's about to forget about them and try to get back in the industry by shedding a few tears about how thoughtless they were... as if they're actually 'serving' in the army... ugh," one netizen commented.

Another wrote, "This just reeks of him being forced to serve. Even if he serves active duty, there's no saving his image."

"I knew he'd end up serving in the army. All these entertainment ba$tards are the same ã…‹ã…‹ army = escape. Can't we send them all to the Marines instead?" one netizen said.

This article was first published on January 26, 2018