Yogesh Rao : An Entrepreneur And Affiliate Marketing Mogul Living The Dream

Yogesh Rao

Unless and until people face difficult situations, they don't really understand the true essence and importance of working hard in their life because they are too privileged and have been provided with everything since the beginning of time.

Yogesh Rao can certainly relate to having a very difficult upbringing because he was subjected to such risks from a very young age, he has seen his family struggle financially as well as emotionally when his father had a very bad downfall in his business. Back then, they did not even earn around $100 a month and it was difficult to make ends meet, putting three meals a day together. Yogesh Rao always wanted to become something big in life, doing absolutely nothing and being average was not even an option for him. This is the reason why he was extremely focused on his education and never gave up hope no matter how difficult the present day scenario got.

There were more difficulties to come up with, and Yogesh Rao knew that very well. He was not able to qualify for his IT examinations and this brought him down. Even for a moment, his spirits were a little down because he knew that the financial situation and the debt that they owed to other people had already amounted to $4000, and it would take him a lot of hard work to repay them all on his own. After all, he was growing up and times were changing, he had to do something in his life.

Starting out in his college years, he realised that taking up an online part time job would actually help him out since it would not only save his time but also earn him some easy money which requires logical reasoning and a lot of brain work rather than only hard work, after all one needs to learn to earn smartly.

This is when the concept of affiliate marketing came up to him. Affiliate marketing is an entirely field job and it requires people to have great communication skills which Yogesh Rao did not really have back then, but he was not ready to back down and he took up some major courses like top sales people on planet earth which taught him about sales management and marketing. After that, he fell in love with marketing and he has outdone himself by earning around $2000 a day in 2018 it said when he was in the second year of his college.

Very soon Yogesh Rao realised that he had to focus on his work entirely, and the college degree is not really going to help him out because after all he was now going to become an important individual in the marketing industry. Currently he earns around $100,000 a month by being the best version of himself and contributing actively to affiliate marketing on a regular basis. Living in Dubai has gotten the best of him, and he can now truly say that he enjoys life, he is glad he took the right opportunities at the right time.

Take a word of advice from Yogesh Rao, and start young, don't wait for opportunities, go up to them and make your own career.