Yoga instructor Eylin Pérez all set to launch her e-book '21 days of yoga for lower back pain'

Eylin Pérez

To get rid of any pain, many people take medicines and medications. It is the most common practice among everyone as painkillers act in reducing any muscle pain or spasm in the human body. However, very few believe in the traditional means of eliminating body pain. When we say traditional means, it is about going to the root cause of the pain and understanding the reason behind it. One of the most common practises very few people believe to get rid of the body and joint pain is doing yoga regularly. The practice of yoga is a 5000-year old ritual, and it has helped in promoting the overall health and development of the human body on different levels.

In today's time, back pain remains the most common problem for everyone. At a very young age, lower back pain has created a hindrance in people's day to day life. It's nothing to worry about, as the yoga instructor Eylin Pérez is all set to launch her e-book called '21 days of yoga for lower back pain'. The e-book is said to be an ultimate guide for the ones who have had longing issues with their lower back. The idea of writing the book popped into Eylin's mind when she realized that many of her clients suffered from lower back spasm and pain. The yoga instructor believes that body flexibility can't be achieved if the lower back is weak.

She further stated that there are various reasons for lower back pain. "It might be muscular pain because of tightness, poor posture or a weak core. There might be medical conditions as well, so it is better to consult a physician before starting with the yoga session", says Eylin. While physical pain can modify a person's daily routine, it can also restrict a person's energy and stamina to be fully utilized. Furthermore, Pérez stated that each day should be segregated into two sequences of 15 minutes each. The first one should focus on releasing different areas involved in lower back pain like hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads and core strengthening. The second one should be guided meditation with the focus on improving the posture of the back.

Along with it, regular exercise, a balanced diet and proper sleep can help the body to heal on different levels. Hailing from Lima, Peru, the journey of Eylin Pérez has been one of its kind. Over the years, she has mastered the art of improving the asanas, and it has helped her boost body flexibility. With having suffered endometriosis and an ankle injury in 2015 and 2017 respectively, Eylin has defeated all the challenges through the power of yoga and meditation. During both the surgeries, the yoga instructor was bedridden, but her courageous attitude helped her overcome it with ease. Similarly, Eylin Pérez is hopeful that consistent her e-book and consistent yoga practice will help in curbing the lower back pain from the human body.