YLD FX: Bespoke brokerage offering world-beating customer service and client satisfaction


When conducting business it is the personal relationships that really matter. Rarely does a client or consumer want the cheapest service, neither are fully automated services always the most reassuring. For brokerages, it is no different.

YLD FX boasts the delivery of much-missed 'Bespoke' customer service in the Digital Age. Read on for more...

YLD FX offers a square circle?

For the benefits of an AI and automated world customer care has been the price paid, or so we are often told. YLD FX appears to claim they have squared the circle.

Yes, the consumer has access to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, and an ever-increasing number of sophisticated tools, as requested by the community of traders using the brokerage, whilst still enjoying the benefit of the misnomered "good old fashioned" customer service. In addition to the online chat support during London and New York trading hours, clients have a personal Account Manager - someone who knows you, your trading approach, and risk attitude and mindset.

This bespoke approach is not seemingly the preserve of one section of the market at the expense of the rest. YLD FX states that it operates with institutional clients and retail traders as well.

Customer care in the Digital age

Customer care of the past was not tied to the brokerage relics of bowler hats and rolled up umbrellas. YLD FX gives no indication of being a time machine, its operations are very much 21st Century with real-time support and real-time functionality.

In addition to customer support when and how you want it, YLD FX offers a High-Frequency Trading liquidity provider ('HFT') to ensure your trades take effect when you want them to with a view to maximising your position.

YLD FX adopts another key feature of online operations today to enhance customer service, 'Community'. YLD FX encourages a sense of community amongst its Trader-client base and two-way communication with it encourages growth as YLD FX delivers innovative trading tools as identified by the community and its in-house team.

The key to customer care in trading remains assurance and trust. Arguably, Hollywood and Media depictions have done as much damage to the sector as the immoral, unlawful and illegal actions of individuals. YLD FX offers assurance to its base, it being LFSA regulated

It is said that American Internet Entrepreneur, Tony Hsieh's philosophy was:

"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company". YLD FX appears to nail its colours to this mast.

Technological edge

Whilst the human touch is one key element of customer care, Performance and Delivery are just as important.

Bill Gates stated of Microsoft:

"Every day we're saying, "How can we keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?.... Because if we don't somebody else will".

It appears leadership at YLD FX take a similar approach, listening to the client and delivering innovation.

The use of MetaTrader5 as a trading system can deliver on traditional netting and hedging option systems, and algorithmic trading tools ensure continued trading based upon personalised parameters without the need to micromanage the system to ensure 100% accuracy. In addition, YLD FX offers Fundamental and Technical Analysis to support your trading decision-making as well.

Whilst some will remain sceptical as YLD FX seems to offer everything to everyone so the offer of a Demonstration Account, to prospective users a trial run of the system is very reassuring.

The reported words of the American businessman, Harvey MacKay, come to mind in relation to the available information on YLD FX:

"There is place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers - after the sale"