YG producer Kush getting threats from adult video model and ex-girlfriend Ai Haneda

Kush is currently dating Girls' Generation Yuri's cousin, Vivian

YG Entertainment's music producer, Kush, has opened about his exes woes. The July born artist, who is currently dating Girls' Generation Yuri's cousin, Vivian, revealed to have been getting blackmailing threats from his ex- girlfriend Ai Haneda.

Kim Byung Hoon a.k.a Kush dated the Japanese gravure model long time back. The two reportedly met through some acquaintances and fell for each other. Apparently, the Stony Skung member has now moved on and is mesmerised by his new found love, but problems involving his ex-girlfriend are still hovering over him.

In a recent SNS upload, the producer revealed that Haneda is stalking him and intimidating him of dire consequences. He wrote: "Mari and I have clearly ended our relationship, but she is becoming a hindrance to my peers, threatening to send photos to reporters, Vivian, etc. To me, Ai Haneda was Mari. I'm not sure how gross you may think I am, but this is the truth and I'm going to try my best. I really want to be set free from stalking and threats. If love is a sin then you may call me a sinner."

Giving out further details into his past relationship, Kush added: "Mari (Ai Haneda) and I were a couple. I met her through a friend and realized she's a very nice person and I wanted to teach her about a normal relationship. I wanted to show her that in Korea, there are different people than the ones who just want to drink and have sex."

"Some may call me dirty or gross and point fingers, but at that moment, Mari wasn't an Adult Video actress, but a nice, cute girl to me. What's important now is Vivian, who I am currently meeting, "the music producer said. Ai Haneda is reportedly an actress and an AV idol. She entered into the AV industry in 2010.