YG Entertainment's producer dating Girls' Generation Yuri's cousin

The celebrity couple reportedly met at an acquaintance's party and started dating few months later.

YG Entertainment's producer Kush and Girls' Generation Yuri's cousin Vivian are reportedly dating. As per an exclusive story published by Ilgan Sports on 11 July, the pair have been dating since a month.

An insider claimed: "The two are in a relationship. They met naturally at a gathering with acquaintances and they moved onto a romantic relationship. The two are indeed seeing each other. It's been about a month since they have been in a relationship. They go on dates in public and are keeping up a beautiful love."

Although neither of the side has opened up about the report, a glimpse of Kush's Instagram post is arising a lot of speculation. Netizens believe that a recent intimidating selfie, which has now been pulled off from the veteran producer's social media account, is of Vivian, who is seen kissing Kush. The surfers have also spotted pictures of the pair at a music festival few days ago. The celebrity couple reportedly met at an acquaintance's party.