YG Entertainment's Black Pink debut date out: Girl band to release eight music videos

Black Pink consists of members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé.

Rookie group Black Pink is all set for an impending debut and a grand follow-up schedule this year. The girls are said to be working hard, and will be releasing new song each month till December.

The girl group's label, YG Entertainment revealed it has planned a release calendar for the band keeping the music scenario in mind. Elaborating their strategy further, a representative from the company told Star News: "The current music scene has the tendency to focus solely on the title track when an album is released. We plan to release multiple songs off Black Pink's debut album because we believe that they are all of the highest quality."

The four member group will gather for their incredible debut track launch by the end of the month. Adding on, they will release fresh tracks along with music videos each month. Till now, Black Pink has shot for two music videos and will be working on six others simultaneously.

The staffer said: "Currently, eight songs are finalized, and because Black Pink will film MVs for all the tracks on their debut album, a total of eight MVs will be filmed. Black Pink has already filmed two MVs, and they are in the process of filming another one. Because people within and outside of Korea are keeping a close eye on Black Pink's debut, we are paying close attention to raising the quality of the songs and MVs."

The representative from the label further added that Teddy, who in charge of producing Black Pink's debut album, has been working hard since two years and has come out with eight incredible songs to match the aura of the group.