YG Entertainment responds after clip of G-Dragon 'kissing' Dara goes viral

YG Entertainment revealed that the stars were pulling a prank on fans.

BIGBANG's G-Dragon
BIGBANG's G-Dragon is not dating Dara Facebook/gdragon

G-Dragon and Sandara Park are not dating despite rumours. In a video circulating online, fans believe the 28-year-old rapper kissed 2NE1's Dara while leaving the BIGBANG's concert.

YG Entertainment released a statement clarifying the situation, and revealed that the stars were pulling a prank on fans. The agency said: "It was a simple incident. G-Dragon requested to Dara, 'Let's try to get a picture taken of a pose like this,' as a joke, and that pose was shot in a picture, that is all. They are not dating."

In 2015, during a broadcast of KBS 2TV's Happy Together, Dara revealed why she prefers to be single. She said: "I think there's something I was mistaken about. I thought that I would get photographed if I dated."

She added: "When I dated, the date in the car was the only thing I could do and we couldn't even dream about eating together. We would eat separately."

Dara continued: "I asked the members, 'Are there paparazzi outside?' and they replied, 'Who would photograph you?' and 'You're ridiculous.'"