Yellowstone volcano could erupt soon and cause catastrophe, warns writer

Yellowstone volcanic eruption-example of possible ashfall
Yellowstone volcanic eruption-example of possible ashfall USGS

Several Hollywood disaster movies including the Roland Emmerich directorial '2012' had depicted the eruption of Yellowstone volcano, and the chaos caused due to the violent explosion. Now, Bryan Walsh, an author who penned the book 'End Times: A brief guide to the end of the world' has predicted that a possible eruption of this volcano that may happen in the near future could wipe out millions of humans from the planet.

Even though several small earthquakes hit the area surrounding Yellowstone regularly, the volcano has shown no signs of a violent eruption in the recent past. It should be also noted that the last time Yellowstone volcano erupted was around 640,000 years ago. However, experts believe that a major earthquake in the area, measuring more than 8 on the Richter scale could result in the eruption of the volcano, and if it happens, unimaginable devastation will be triggered all across.

If an eruption happens, plumes of ashes will spread across the atmosphere, and it will create chaos on a global scale. The flow of magma will bury the area within a 40-mile radius, and areas in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah will be buried under three feet of ash. The global temperature will be also reduced drastically, and it will return to normalcy only after seven years.

A few weeks back, experts have confirmed that the San Andreas Fault, popularly known as the Ring of Fire is ripe for a major earthquake. Thomas Rockwell, a top seismic expert revealed that it has been 380 years since the last strong earthquake happened in the area, and it indicates that a strong tremor may jolt the area any time. As per Rockwell, the average recurrent interval of earthquakes in the Ring of Fire is about 180 years, and it hints at the possibility of an overdue earthquake.


Apart from Welsh, Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-proclaimed seismic researcher who operates from the Netherlands had claimed that rise in seismic activities in the earth is happening mainly due to critical planetary alignments and lunar geometry. Hoogerbeets believe that certain planetary alignments are capable of destabilizing tectonic plates on the earth, and it is causing strong seismic activities.