Yellow Stone Explosion Could Wreak Havoc in All Nooks of North America, Warns Author

The writer warned that the eruption of Yellowstone volcano could result in a nuclear winter where global temperatures will plunge into 8 degree Celsius.

Caldera is a supervolcano located in the Yellowstone National Park, and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has been continuously monitoring the area to find signs of a possible eruption in the future. Several experts believe that earthquakes in the area could trigger a volcanic eruption that will spread havoc. And now, popular science writer Bryan Walsh has claimed that the probable devastation due to Yellowstone volcanic eruption will be confined to local areas, but will spread all across North America.

Walsh Paints Bleak Picture

In his book 'End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World', Walsh revealed that a swarm of powerful earthquakes will be the key to trigger the eruption of the Caldera. As the pressure gets mounted up, magma will start rushing towards the surface.


According to Walsh, the devastation will not be restricted to local areas, and the impact will make the way all across North America, as the plume of ash, lava, and volcanic gases would reach a height of at least 15 miles.

"In every past catastrophe – hurricanes, earthquakes, floods – most of the US remained untouched, which meant safe parts could divert aid to and take in refugees from affected regions. But no corner of the continental US would be exempt from the effects of a supervolcano. Hospitals would be choked with victims coughing up blood as the silicate in the ash slashed at their lungs," wrote Walsh on his book, reports.

Volcanic Winter Awaits World

A giant eruption of the Yellowstone volcano will pull the world to a nuclear winter, where the temperature will plunge to 8 Degree Celsius. Walsh warned that such an event will result in starvation, and millions of people will lose their lives.

However, USGS states the possibility of an eruption is one in 7,30,000 in any given year, which means an apocalyptic situation will not grace planet earth anytime soon.