Yekaterina 'Katya' Zavalishina: Russian FSB Arrests Belly Dancer For Sharing State Secrets With a Foreign Country

Russia arrested a belly dancer on the suspicion of sharing state secrets with a foreign country amid the Ukraine war. Yekaterina 'Katya' Zavalishina has been arrested on the suspicion of high treason.

Her arrest was made by Russia's counter-intelligence service FSB, which believes that she could be a spy. The Russian university graduate faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

Yekaterina ‘Katya’ Zavalishina
Yekaterina ‘Katya’ Zavalishina Twitter

Zavalishina is Suspected of High Treason

Moscow's Lefortovo court confirmed to TASS that it had received materials from the FSB for choosing custody as a measure of restraint for E.S. Zavalishina.

"She is suspected under Article 275 of Russia's Criminal Code ('High Treason'). Her case has not yet been examined," the court said, without specifying other details of the criminal probe.

Zavalishina, 33, is accused of sharing secret information with a representative of a foreign country, the name of which has not been made public. Zavalishina, who is believed to have connections in Switzerland, had been registered as an individual entrepreneur in "business and management consulting" but ceased operating in April.

Zavalishina Is Specialist In The Field of International Relations

Zavalishina was formally arrested in a closed-door session by Moscow's Lefortovsky District Court until mid-August as investigations continue. "The court handed down a restraining [custody] measure against Zavalishina in the form of a custodial term until August 13, 2022," said a spokesman, according to The Mirror.

Reports have also revealed that the detained woman is believed to have well-established connections in international relations.

Zavalishina Previously Travelled to Europe, US and Africa

The Moscow State University graduate has a history of traveling to Europe, the US and Africa. Before her arrest, Zavalishina was scheduled to fly to Switzerland, according to her mother Larisa.

"The FSB detained Moscow resident, Russian citizen E.S. Zavalishina. She is suspected of high treason. The investigative team demands her arrest," a source confirmed to TASS detailing that she is suspected under Article 275 of Russia's Criminal Code and her case has not yet been examined.