Ye Ji Won wants to change so many things through plastic surgery

Ye Ji Won was seen preparing for an upcoming red carpet event

Actress Ye Ji Won might not go under the knife in coming time. The 43-year-old actress, who was last seen in the popular drama, Oh Hae Young again, recently opened about her thoughts on plastic surgery.

During the recent episode of My Way, when asked to throw some light over her plans on cosmetic surgery, Ji Won replied: "Even if I were to get my eyes done, I'd have to tear the inner and outer corners of my eyes so I just gave up." The actress further jokingly added: "There would be so much work that I would have to get done that people wouldn't even recognize me. Then I'd have to audition again."

Ji Won, who guested on Chosun TV's Life Docu My Way on 11 August, was seen preparing for an upcoming red carpet event. The Turning Gate actress asserted the while she is honored to walk the red aisle, the only thing worries her is punctuality. She further shared a story which landed her on a bus and people barely recognized her.

"There are even times I take the taxi or bus. When I get on the bus, people don't recognize me well. I think it's because these days they're always looking at their cell phones. Sometimes there are people who stare right at me, " Ji Won explained.