Yash Patvekar – A Sales Funnel Expert Who Carved Himself A Digital Marketing Niche In Less Than A Year

Yash Patvekar

From struggling to meet his daily expenses to living in one of the poshest towers in Pune, the journey of Yash Patvekar is, in equal parts, fascinating and inspiring.

As a young college-going student belonging to a middle-class family in Pune, the need to survive and support the family made Yash do a number of odd jobs, including working in a supermarket and working late nights at 5-star hotels in the city. His struggles with the financial crunch were onlyworsened by the COVID situation. However, while the world was struggling with a global pandemic and waiting for things to get normal, Yash Patvekar was setting up a small venture from his bedroom that helped him mint ~$60,000/year.

The streak of hard luck ended once he discovered the world of digital marketing. Once he became well-versed with practices like social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising, and sales funnel, he realized what his calling was. Diving deep into the nitty-gritty of the industry made him acquire new skills and hone the ones he already possessed.

Yash devoted a few valuable months to religiously learning digital marketing processes and their implementation. Once he acquired enough knowledge, he decided to set up his own venture and started looking for clients. Talking about his journey, Yash says, "Setting up an agency from scratch was quite a challenging task –physically, mentally, and financially. I was certain that I wouldn't be able to devote all my time to the new venture which made me drop out of the final year of my college. I had to take the money set aside for my college fees to fund my startup. Everything seemed unsure and too far-fetched to achieve."

All his perseverance and hard work paid off when Yash closed his first deal within a month of starting out,helping a local doctor in the US create Facebook ads to promote her private practice. Starting off on a high note, there was no looking back once YSP Media Funnels was on track. With thorough knowledge of the field, excellent communication skills, and business acumen, Yash went on to carve his niche in the industry by catering to local doctors, gym trainers, lifestyle coaches, and many more clientsbased out of the UK and the US.

Today, with a team of three dedicated members, Yash has been providing extensive social media marketing (Facebook/YouTube advertising) and consent-based email marketing services. The high returns on his initial investment have made him grow his venture and make good money without heading out of his apartment located in one of the most lavish towers in the city.

Today, Yash's digital marketing and sales funnel skills help him mint ~$5,000/month by working with credible clients across the board.

However, his journey doesn't end here. On making his dreams come true, Yash has decided to share the knowledge gained by him during his struggles with aspirants wanting to make it big in the world of digital marketing. For a little more than a month, he has been providing online training to aspirants about setting up a digital marketing/sales funnel agency from scratch.

Yash believes that this initiative will allow young and capable individuals in the country to make good money within the comfort of their homes. He says, "When I was getting trained, I came across several trainers who charged as much as Rs.50,000 without giving any guarantee of income. I wanted to change this approach. My training program is designed in a way that guarantees the trainees with credible clients and projects once they are thoroughly trained. This would provide them with good returns on their hard-earned investments. Having experienced a fair number of ups and downs in my life, the last thing I would want to see is deserving and passionate marketers struggling to make ends meet!"