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Mushroom production company Yamada Green Resources said it has applied for an extension of time to release fiscal results and to hold its annual genenal meeting following a fire accident.

The fire incident that took place on August 30 involved a transport vehicle, which was in the midst of transporting certain finance documents and computer hardware from the company's research and development centre to the group's office premises.

"The preliminary assessment of management is that a large part of the fiscal 2017 and 2018 finance documents for the company's subsidiaries, and part of the fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2016 finance documents of the company's subsidiaries, are likely to have been affected or destroyed by the fire," the company said in a statement on Monday.

The affected finance documents include certain payment and receiving vouchers, invoices and banking-related advice and documents, it said.

The transportation of the documents and computer hardware is pursuant to management's decision to consolidate the finance team and records at the office premises, which is intended to improve operational and audit efficiency, and allow both finance staff and external auditors easier access to key management, the company said.

Yamada Green said it has reported the fire incident to the police and fire authorities.

The company said it has made arrangements to attend to the needs of the driver, who suffered minor injuries during the accident.

Shares in Yamada Green were unchanged at S$0.33 on the Singapore Exchange.