Yaagneshwaran Ganesh: 'Like it or not,' you have to go outbound to get high-quality podcast guests

The host of The ABM Conversations Podcast highlights one of the harshest realities of podcasting.

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

The award-winning marketer and the host of The ABM Conversations Podcast, Yaagneshwaran Ganesh (popularly known as Yaag), has featured some of the most brilliant marketers of our times, such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Rory Sutherland, David Cancel, Jon Miller on his show.
Though most active podcasts have been running for several years now, not many have the content quality and the guest lineup that Yaag has on The ABM Conversations Podcast.
Upon asking Yaag about his podcast's content quality and the lineup of guests though his podcast has been around only for just over a year, he says:

"This is what's going on now, where there are a million active podcasts; the general approach towards podcasting is –if you are a company that has a podcast, invite your prospects and customers as guests for relationship building. Use your podcast as a broadcasting channel. But that's not how podcasting works."

He added, "When people spend 45 minutes or one hour listening to your podcast –it needs to be worth their time and worth subscribing. The ABM Conversations Podcast stemmed from my frustration where after listening to a one hour podcast, I got only 5 minutes of value. And speaking of guests – once you have a decent podcast, many podcast booking agencies will reach out to you with guest recommendations. And in my experience, most recommendations aren't great, which I had to learn the hard way."

Yaag continues...

"It's not the number of episodes or the number of downloads per episode that matter. Those are mere vanity. It's about valuing your listener's time. Keeping a high benchmark for content quality drives your podcast in the right direction."

"I would say it's best to start with a topic you want to address rather than thinking about whom you want as a guest. And when you start with a specific topic, you will start thinking about the right person that can go deep into the subject. So when I wanted to deep-dive on the martech landscape, I reached out to Scott Brinker, and to discuss product evangelism, I reached out to Guy Kawasaki and so on."

"So, whether you like it or not, reaching out to guests outbound is the only way to have high-quality guests on your show. You are not going to get them inbound. And remember, if you are getting a pitch from a booking agency, the same pitch and the same list of suggested topics also goes to 100 other podcasters."

The ABM Conversations Podcast is among the top 1% podcast, and rightfully so.