Xiaomi Mi Mix now available via Lazada in Singapore

Xiaomi Mi Mix goes up on sale via Lazada at a premium price with one-month seller warranty.

Xiaomi Mi Mix
Xiaomi Mi Mix now available via Lazada in Singapore

Xiaomi fans in Singapore are in for a treat as the Mi Mix concept phone is now available for purchase via Lazada. Although the phone's availability is officially limited to China, some enterprising stores like Lazada have come to the rescue of prospective smartphone buyers in the island state.

The only caveat with the Lazada deal is that you will get just one month local-seller warranty at a premium price.

The regular 4GB/128GB variant of Mi Mix retails at ¥3,499, which is the equivalent of S$720. In contrast, the Mi smartphone starts at S$1,278 in retail outlets across Singapore.

On the other hand, the premium 6GB/256GB model is priced around ¥3,999 (S$820) in China and the same retails at a whopping S$1,639 in the island state.

The all-screen and all-ceramic phone from Xiaomi definitely carries the premium looks of any eye-catchy phone in the market.

It must be noted that the Xiaomi Singapore is not currently stocking the Mi Mix, despite featuring its official store on Lazada. So, your only option is to buy the phone through third-party importers and sellers via Lazada, which is too risky as it comes without the official hardware warranty.

[Source: Lazada]